Un-Sexy but Important

Smiling inspired woman with laptop in cafe

Ok. What I’m about to say is not sexy, but I’m gonna just go ahead and say it: I want you to be an informed buyer. Here’s why: Any time I’ve made a big purchase in my life, my dad has always asked me “Did you check Consumer Reports?” and I roll my eyes. Partly […]

Email is Cool Again

When I was in college, email was a new thing and I LOVED it.  At the time, the only way to access it was to go to the computer lab in the library. I had a computer in my dorm room, but email wasn’t accessible on it at the time. Not sure why. Fast forward […]

Treat Yourself

jade roller and candle

So, I’m going to take you on a brief walk down memory lane today.  Back to Forest Hills, Queens. It’s Mother’s Day 2011 and I am in labor.  My son was due about 4 days earlier, but I had been in such discomfort for so many weeks, I was convinced he was coming two weeks […]

Kiss, Marry, Kill?: Website Edition

So, this is the PG-rated version of that game that people were playing a few years back, listing random celebrities or folks they knew in real life, and rating them on whether they’d kiss, marry or kill them. It was a fun thing to do at a party, a great way to pass the time […]

Why Brand Strategy is necessary,
and what Mr. Miyagi has to do with it.

A lot of people I speak with are not even sure what Brand Strategy is. And, many of the people I like to work with are pretty down-to-earth, and think having a “brand” is silly. A relative of mine very sarcastically says “Yeah, I’ve been working on my brand.” when people ask what he’s been […]

3 Ways Your Website Can Help Solve Your Biggest Business Problems

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I strongly recommend that every business has its own website. I know it can feel daunting to add another thing to your expenses, especially when you’re starting a business, but it’s worth the investment of your time and money. Here are a few very practical reasons why: Your website can be a model employee. I […]

What’s next? How to meet your marketing goals this year.

Laptop with non-tech guide to decide where to promote your business on screen

Last week, I spoke about taking a look back at 2022, and making plans for 2023. This week, I want to talk about how to start making progress toward those goals. If you’re like most brick & mortar business owners, you want to see improvement over last year. And, for most people, that means improved […]

Looking back before looking forward.

notebook and pen on a table

Well, here we are –2023. I’m not really a fan of typical New Year’s Resolutions. (I think if we want to reach our big goals, it’s something we should be working on all year, but that’s a topic for another day!) But, I do like the idea of taking a minute at this time of […]

Ending the Year Strong

woman's hand holding a champagne glass

If you’re like me, at the beginning of this year, you wrote down anywhere between one and 5 goals that you wanted to achieve this year.  And, right about now, you’re either assessing how you did with each of those goals, or you’re realizing you completely forgot what they were. I’m somewhere in the middle […]