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Want to find out if you’re making as much
money from your website as possible?

Not feeling the love from your website anymore?

Or, have you been ghosted by your website designer
and just don’t know what to do?

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Make sure your website still wows your visitors.

Get the clarity you crave with a detailed website review looking at your current site’s design style & user experience.

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I'll review your website and come back to you with:

> What you’re doing well – to increase trust with your customers.

> What you can do better – to make more sales.

> What changes/additions to prioritize for best return – so you save money.

> A roadmap on how to move forward – so you know exactly where to go.

> Any big mistakes you’re making (to remove right away) – so you stop losing money.

Get a detailed review of your website for just $249.

~ BONUS: 100% of this cost can be used as credit if you choose to have me work on your website ~

(It’s a steal if you ask me!)

Meet your Website Fairy Godmother

Hi, I’m Jessica.  When I first graduated from college, the internet was a new thing, and -I’ll admit- I was a bit cynical about the whole thing. I thought it would be impossible to buy everything we buy now online. But, fast forward more years than I’d like to count, and here we are!  Websites are part of everything we do.

As a technophobe turned technophile, I’m here to help you sort out this whole website thing, and figure out what’s working for you, and what’s not. Then I’ll recommend next steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your website. 

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