Why Brand Strategy is necessary,
and what Mr. Miyagi has to do with it.

A lot of people I speak with are not even sure what Brand Strategy is. And, many of the people I like to work with are pretty down-to-earth, and think having a “brand” is silly. A relative of mine very sarcastically says “Yeah, I’ve been working on my brand.” when people ask what he’s been up to lately. And, I get it! It DOES sound somewhat silly. We’re people, we’re not brands! BUT, like it or not, and whether you want to use that term or not, you DO have a brand. Your reputation is your brand. The way someone feels when they get to hang out with you is your brand. The way you dress and decorate your home is your brand. So, what I’m trying to say is… get over yourself and get to branding!

Seriously though, having a brand brings with it so much clarity that once you’ve established a brand for your business, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t done it before. Some people go through a lot of stress and drama in their business and it all goes back to branding. With an established brand, you’ll know what’s right for your business and what isn’t right, and decisions become a no-brainer. And, you’ll attract the right type of opportunities.

On the flip side of people who need to be convinced about branding, there are the people who are PSYCHED to do branding, but they think branding is just their logo. Before you can get to the logo, you’ve got some serious work to do. And, a lot of business owners don’t understand this.

Lucky for you, I thought of the PERFECT analogy the other day. Remember the Karate Kid?
In the movie, Daniel spends weeks and weeks doing chores around Mr. Miyagi’s house: painting fences, waxing his cars, sanding floors, etc. and all he wants to do is learn karate so he can defend himself and impress a girl. We learn in a pivotal scene that all of the chores he’s been doing are the foundational skills and tools that Daniel needs to become the kick-ass Karate Kid we all know and love, who later goes on to beat that arrogant kid with the bad hair. Ugh, and then Mr. Miyagi ends the scene with a bow, and when Daniel bows looking down at the ground, he pops him in the head and says “Look eye! Always look eye! Come back tomorrow.” That is the icing on the cake! Because, just like in branding, precision and repetition are required. God, I love that movie.

Anyway, at this point, I’ve either totally lost you, or you’re really getting what I’m saying. Basically, brand strategy and foundations are essential to making your business thrive and grow. Whether you’re just starting out, or well on your way in your business journey, it never hurts to go back and revisit your brand to ensure that it’s aligned with your purpose and long-term goals.

Any questions? Drop me a note. I’m always happy to help.